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Opening Night Reception$ 35.00
Beer, wine, and appetizers!
When:August 18, 2017 6 p.m.
Number of Tickets:
Reunion Dinner$ 60.00
Buffet Dinner at the Riverside!
When:August 19, 2017 6:30 p.m.
Where:Riverside Inn
Number of Tickets:
Sunday Picnic at Bogus Basin$ 25.00
Picnic and visit with classmates!
When:August 20, 2017 11 a.m., open, 1 p.m., box lunch
Where:Bogus Basin
Number of Tickets:
Boise High Class of 1977 Golf Tournament$ 65.00
A round of golf at the beautiful Quail Hollow Golf Course, three beers or sodas, and prizes! Shotgun start at 9 am, finish by 2:30 p.m.!
When:August 18, 2017 8:30 a.m.
Where:QUAIL HOLLOW Golf course, 4720 N 36th St
Number of Tickets:
A Chance To Experience Epic*
*Limited Number of tickets available. There is only so much Epic...
When:August 21, 2017 3 a.m. to 11:04
Number of Registrations:
Guest Purchased Tickets
Heidi Nash (Banda)
Joe Banda
Diana Williams (Nelson)
Scott Nelson
Robert Rudkin
Deonna Brown (Steffy)
Greg Strand
Karen Himes (Montoure)
Matt Stitzel
Carrie Aldrich (Turnbull)
Linda Wright (Wright)
Loree Haakonstad (Anderson)
Tom Anderson
Curt Bonney
Velma Howel (Bonney)
Velma Howell (Bonney)
Terri Foster (Clise)
Christine Wade
Mark Wade
Cheryl Stewart (Dealbert)
Jeff Guest (Cunningham)
Alan Even
Deb Foote (Foote)
Deb Footie (Foote)
Dana Herring
Floyd Herring
Kevin Homan
Debbi Guess (Wallace-Even)
Fred Fritchman
Ken Hammer (Brasher)
Mary Hammer
Mitch Hoffman
Tina Little (Perry)
Staci DeChambeau (Thomas)
Nathalie Ward
Polly Jordan (Jordan)
Karen Montgomery
Paul Montgomery
Debbie Fusselman (Ragsdale)
Randy Ragsdale
Kitty Larkin (Barber)
Angie Larsen
Jay Larsen
Patricia Carter (Travis)
Staci Moore (Reed-MacCready)
Jeff Woody
Molly Woody
Luann Barnes (Brinkerhoff)
Brad Purdy
Sally Fusselman (Willmore)
Steve Willmore
Tom Schoonover
Marcy Everett (Everett Young)
Jeff Korfanta
Monte Young
Terry Borcher
Dave Saad
Mark Sheldon
Marti Sheldon
Mark Hadzor
Kim Mancuso-Breen
Laura Deal (Neidert)
Robert Greer
Linda Pogue (Kay)
Darryl Kuhrt
Evangeline Ward
Jane McClaran ((Belknap))
Pat (grandson Dimitri Liles) Adams
Sandy Gebhards
Mick Hennessey
Jennifer Jameson
Susie Kordel
Doug Ralphs
Melody Robinson
Debbie Jackson Knuson
Debbie Jackson (Jackson Knutson)
Debbie Jackson Knutson
Mike Knutson
Julene Wold (Ailshie)
Troy Ailshie
Lisa Cafferty
Sean Cafferty
Laura Hartz
Melvin (Tony ) Hartz
Chuck Jopson
Leanne Jopson
Heidi Nash-Banda
Julie Wade
Kathy Colhouer ((Kidwell))
Bill Husband (Black)
Randy Colhouer
Garry Misner
Peggy Misner
Jeff Tauge
John Wargo
Sandy Elliott (Wargo)
Jennifer Brandt
Michael Brandt
Dree Eno
Brent Fery
Sandy Fery
Bob Barnhart
Pam Barnhart
Sabra Booth
Sabra Yates (booth)
Victoria Busmire
PJ Chase
Richard Davis
Jule Eberle
JoAnn Martinez (Fisher)
Tim Hessing
Bonnie Lenon (Wallace)
Melody Chord (Chord)
Laurel (Laurie) Herman (Clark)
Laurie (Laurel) Clark
James Cundiff
Jim Cundiff
Jon Faulkner
Marianne Flagg
Walt Gericke
Bob Glaisyer
Heidi Glaisyer
Bradley Marczuk
Jeff Mays
Melody Mummert (Robinson)
Dave Durfey
Brian Ellsworth
Lana Ellsworth
Karen Fairless
Mike Fairless
Clifton Hall
Karen Hall
Molly Mouser
Hank Rennar
Karen Rennar
Mindee Smith
Angie Tate
Phil Tate
Greg Bishop
Deac Jones
Cindy Patterson
Pat Patterson
Ellen Gamel (Grainger)
Roger Grainger
Rick Mcallister
Rick Mcalluster
Shaun Hair
Katherine Jennings
Tim Jennings
Jamie Jones (Jones)
Laurie Dyas (Watson)
Renee Jones (Jones)
Denise Tucker (Grozenski)
Edward N/A (Grozenski)
Richard Vollmer
Randy Frisch
Suzanne Frisch
Stephan Smith
DiAnn Cornwell (Adams)
Pat Adams
Patrick Adams
Total 163